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PSAT10 Coming Up for your Sophomore?

F&B is holding group classes for that!

PSAT10 Math Sunday, March 5th 2:00-4:00 PM at F&B Hosted by Andrew Haynes, Senior Test Prep Tutor PSAT10 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Monday, March 6th 7:00-9:00 PM at F&B Hosted by Mikayla Correll, Test Prep Tutor Cost per Session: $150 Please register by emailing The PSAT10 is coming up in mid-March for our sophomores, so we wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that we are offering group sessions to help our students prepare for it. Although prep isn't necessary, we recommend a little bit of prep to expose your sophomore to the format and content of this test. This exposure can help make one of their early standardized testing experiences a positive one and gives us a great baseline SAT score. If you prefer one-on-one sessions instead, please let us know and we can arrange it!

What We Will Cover:
Reading and Writing
  • Navigation of the different types of reading passages

  • Approaches for main idea vs. detail-oriented questions

  • Paired evidence questions

  • Question answering workflow for writing questions

  • Top grammar rules tested


  • Math problem solving strategies needed to navigate tricky questions

  • Approach to student-produced responses on the math sections

  • Review of top math topics on these sections

FAQs about the PSAT10 Where should we sign up to take the PSAT10? Your student's school should have already reached out about dates and registration, but if they haven't, it would be good to check in! Registration is done by the student's school. How is the PSAT10 scored? How does it predict SAT scores? A perfect score on the PSAT is 1520. A student is given two scores - one for EBRW and one for Math. Both scores are out of 760. The PSAT score predicts what a student would get on the SAT if they took it around the same time. How do you apply for accommodations for the PSAT10? If your student receives accommodations in school, the school will apply for the appropriate accommodations when they register for the PSAT. If your child has taken a CollegeBoard exam before, they may already have accommodations. It's always good to verify with the school so this doesn't fall through the cracks!

When are scores back from the PSAT10? PSAT10 scores are typically back 4-6 weeks after the test. They can be accessed at your student's CollegeBoard account when they are out. F&B will reach out when they're released so we can gather this important information! For more information about the PSAT10, please visit CollegeBoard's website.

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