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Learn the difference support can make. 

Our program at F&B employs a team-based approach in which our Instructional Coaches work together with Dr. Freudigman and Laura Noonan, a certified Educational Therapist, to generate a comprehensive plan designed to address the individual’s academic concerns and target the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We utilize the student’s own daily schoolwork to remediate academic concerns related to psychological/motivational barriers, ADHD, executive functioning concerns, reading and language disabilities, math-related deficits, and auditory and visual processing weaknesses. Because every student has different concerns, sessions may range from skill-based remediation to social and behavioral supports. We form supportive relationships and communicate–not just with the student but also with all the people in the community involved in their educational development.

A unique approach

F&B's Educational Support services provide individualized instruction for children and adolescents experiencing learning challenges. While a regular academic instructor focuses on teaching specific content related to subject matter, Instructional Coaches apply specialized training in learning differences and disabilities to address more systemic issues affecting an individual student’s academic performance. Our Educational Support process is a unique and highly efficacious tutoring model in which students acquire the skill sets, self-knowledge, and resiliency they need to overcome future challenges and successfully launch themselves into their chosen career. See below for a comprehensive list of our services. 

Our educators assist students in reaching their personal academic potential by developing needed skill sets and encouraging self-awareness, focus, organization, and motivation.

Our Services

Academic Skill-Building

In addition to providing traditional instruction, we create personalized instruction, support, and remediation across all of their academic courses. Students will learn organizational strategies for managing their workload, study strategies for different types of testing situations, critical writing skills for papers, note taking strategies and interpersonal skills for managing relationships with teachers.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Transitions between grades can be difficult and students are often caught off-guard by the level and amount of work they are expected to do. Executive functioning is a major predictor of their future academic success. In these weekly sessions, we cover the skills necessary for achieving optimal grades and ensuring academic success. Students will receive one-on-one coaching to develop executive functioning skills based on that student’s learning style, goals, and needs.

Writing Skills

Writing is a primary way for humans to communicate with one another, and it is among the most important lifelong skills. We teach students that writing is a process. Once you master the process, you can apply it repeatedly, whenever and to whatever you write. Our Writing Skills tutoring teaches individualized approaches to idea generation, organization and outline, rough drafting, discussion and revision, and editing.

Reading Remediation

We work with students who have language-based learning differences which can affect reading. Our programs develop literacy and language skills by working on phonemic awareness, vocabulary through sight words, and handwriting. Our reading specialists are trained in the Wilson Reading System, Lindamood-Bell Programs, and the Orton-Gillingham Approach.

Therapeutic Coaching

At F&B we work with students who are struggling with motivation in middle, high school, and college. We have extensive experience with this type of therapeutic academic coaching having worked with individual students and groups on: managing stress and anxiety, guiding academic, athletic and personal goals, improving social skills and fostering peer relations. This service helps not only with executive functioning but also with psychological motivational barriers in a safe, comfortable environment.
- Managing stress and anxiety 
- Building motivation
- Improving organizational and executive functioning skills
- Guiding academic, athletic and personal goals
- Improving social skills
- Fostering peer relations

Educational Therapy

While a regular subject tutor focuses on teaching specific academic subject matter, educational therapists apply specialized training in learning differences to address more systemic issues affecting an individual student’s academic performance. We utilize clinical practitioners' research to create and employ empirically based interventions to ensure the most effective treatment plan for each student. We work as a team, collaborating to solve problems, craft customized interventions, and reach the most effective outcomes for all students. We also stay in regular communication with clinicians and counselors to keep all parties informed regarding a student's development.

Our Educational Support services are appropriate for students who need more than traditional content tutoring to stay on track in school. These students may have missed a skill in a prior year, have issues with anxiety or focus, have mild to severe learning differences, or pronounced weaknesses in processing areas. Our goal is to help students develop their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses, so they succeed in the classroom and out.


What sets our model apart from therapeutic educational settings or other tutoring environments is that whether a student needs immediate intervention or a slight hand to keep on track, he or she can slip into the stream of our services exactly where needed. Most importantly, we work as a community: as additional services are needed, they are seamlessly incorporated into the program. This network is not just limited to our services but extends to all other counselors in your child's life. We can help with the selection of partners in advocacy and mental health practices as well as development of post-secondary school plans to meet each student's specific needs.

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