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Subjects We Cover

Our instructors are experts in a wide range of subjects, from English rhetoric to differential calculus and everything in between. Our team is passionate about teaching and learning, so whether you're struggling with a topic or vying for valedictorian, we've got you covered.


Math 6-8
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Multivariable Calculus
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Personal Finance
Applied & Discrete Math
Statistics & Probability
AP Statistics

History & Social Sciences

Global Themes
U.S. History
European History
Atlantic Communities
African Studies
East Asian Studies
Latin American Studies
Middle East Studies

AP U.S. History
AP U.S. Government
AP European History
AP World History
AP Human Geography
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics
AP Psychology


English 9th-12th
AP English Lang. & Comp.
AP English Lit. & Comp.
British & Irish Literature
Children’s Literature
Contemporary American Lit.
Critical Analysis of Film & Lit.
Gothic & Horror Literature
Lit. of Gender, Sex, & Identity
Myth & Bible
Rhetoric & Persuasion
Sports Literature & Research



Accel. Science 1 & 2


AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1 & 2
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Physcis C: E&M
AP Environmental Sci.

Science electives

Computing & Robotics

Intro to Programming
Intro to Web Programming
Intro to Robotics
Programming in Java
Programming in Python
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A
Harvard CS50

World Languages

Spanish 1-5
AP Spanish

Latin 1-5

AP Latin

Our Services

Single-Subject Tutoring

Build mastery in a single subject. We help reinforce understanding, prepare students for exams, and teach the skills necessary to be successful lifelong learners. See below for a complete list of subjects we teach.

Multi-Subject Tutoring

Our tutors often have skills in related (or even unrelated!) domains, so they can help students with more than one subject. Math *and* Physics? Spanish and APES? We got you.

Booster Sessions

Looking to get a head start on the school year? Trying to make the jump from A-level to Honors? Do intensive pre-work over the summer so you can hit the ground running.

Group Reviews

Nearly 100% of our sessions are one-on-one, but we do offer group review sessions for all of the AP exams in the spring. See our seasonal offerings for exact dates.

Educational Enrichment

Are you passionate about learning but not being challenged in school? Our enrichment services are for you! Let us tailor a custom program to fit your specific goals and needs.


Taking a gap year? Home from school due to a global pandemic? Whatever the reason, we can teach you what you missed.

AP & IB Exams

For AP exams, F&B offers both one-on-one sessions and group sessions to review. We can also help students prepare for IB exams through one-on-one tutoring.

We provide a variety of instructional services to support you in your academic career. Whether you're in middle school, high school, or even college, we have experienced teachers who are devoted to making a difference, and we're are good at it too.  Take a look at our offerings; whether you're a new client or a seasoned veteran, you just might find something new that surprises you. 

We know the material

Our Academic Instructors provides support in all varieties and levels of coursework. We help reinforce understanding, provide support with weekly homework assignments, prepare students for exams, and develop analytical writing skills on topics ranging from English papers to biology labs.

We know how to teach it

We offer all levels of math and science instruction as well as support for social sciences, humanities, and foreign languages. Whether a student struggles to keep his or her head above water, needs to address gaps in content knowledge, or just wants to push ahead for the A+, we cater to all needs and capabilities.

We know your child

All of our educators have expertise and training in curricula from local schools, and we pair students and tutors for weekly sessions based on students’ ability levels and their needs within certain classes.

And you know us

We’ve been around for 17 years… we’ve been in the community longer than most of the teachers your students have!

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