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How to Install TI-84 Programs from your computer

Updated: Apr 1

What you'll need:

  • Your TI-84 Plus or C

  • The charging cable that came with it (Mini USB)

  • A Mac or Windows laptop

  • The TI-Connect CE program

  • Program files to install


  1. Download and install the TI-Connect CE app

    1. Download for Mac

    2. Download for Windows

  2. Download program files here. See down below for a list of recommended programs.

  3. Open the TI-Connect CE app.

  4. Connect your calculator to the computer (If your laptop only has USB-C type inputs, you'll need a USB-A to USB-C adapter). Your calculator should appear in the TI-Connect CE sidebar on the left.

  5. Navigate to the folder containing the programs you wish to install. Make sure to "unzip" them if the filename still ends in .zip. Drag the program file onto the TI-84 icon in the Connected Calculators sidebar (see screenshot below). You can add as many as you like simultaneously. On the next window, click Send.

NOTE: The TI-Nspire line of calculators, despite their expensive price-tag, cannot run these TI-Basic programs. Most program functionality, though, can be found in the extensive menu system.

How to run a program:

  1. Press the prgm buttom It's in the 3rd row and 3rd column, or see image below.

  2. If you have a TI-84 Plus CE with Python, click 1: TI-Basic. (Otherwise you may skip this step.)

  3. Scroll to select the desired program. You may scroll upwards to reach the end of the list, or jump to a specific starting letter by pressing the green alpha button and then the desired letter (e.g. pressing alpha + 9 will select the first program starting with the letter Q)

  4. Press enter to select the program, then press enter again to run it.

Recommended Programs:

Radical - Radical Root Simplifier

This program does just what the title says. Its a simple prog that finds the simplified radical of a root. For example the square root of 60 would be (in its radical most simplified form) 2 square root 15. Download this small prog for the 83 plus and check it out.

More coming soon!

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