College Advising:

College packages are offered only to students with whom we have worked in the past, and we limit our clientele in this way because we are committed to a student-centered process. At F&B, we provide a holistic approach to the important decisions students will make, and we do so because we know each student through the time they have spent at our center. Equally important, every student knows us.
"We believe that advisement for college is very much a synergistic relationship between counselor and family. Our process is designed to help each student find and get into the school that is the best fit for the individual."
We begin with an intake session that helps identify colleges, assess strengths, and identify the optimal marketing strategy for the student. Writing tutors then provide writing support and editing by narrowing our focus to find the form and topic that will best allow each student to shine. Along the way, students receive continued guidance regarding deadline management and navigation of application pragmatics. The college package also accommodates training for college interviews and writing support for waitlist and deferral letters.