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How to use your TI-84 calculator: The Basics

Here are my favorite TI-84 calculator tricks. Some of these tips you probably already know, but some might leave you scratching your head wondering why your Algebra teacher didn't show you how to do this.

Essential skills you need to know

Turn a decimal into a fraction

Enter a number or expression as a fraction

Make an x-y table and input any number for x

Find the intersection point(s) between two functions

Find the x-intercepts (a.k.a. zeros a.k.a. roots) of a function easily

Tips and tricks

Square root your previous answer

Enter a number using scientific notation

Reset the graph window to standard [-10, 10]

Access the built-in Periodic Table

More advanced skills

Use imaginary numbers

Open the F2 menu for quick access to absolute value, logs with different bases, calculus and statistics tools

Graph conic functions like circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and parabolas

Quickly enter a matrix

Switch between radian and degree mode

Convert an angle from radians to degrees