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How to Create Your Student's Timeline to Succeed in the Ever-Evolving College Admissions Process

On Tuesday night, we held a webinar to address the FAQs about the college admissions process and standardized testing. We discussed currently hot test optional and test blind admissions policies, who they were created for and which profile of student benefits from these policies.

Some of the key takeaways from this discussion were:

  • Most students from Fairfield County and similarly affluent demographics are still applying with test scores to some or all of their colleges

  • Engaging in a test prep process and taking standardized tests gives students options when it comes time to apply

  • No matter what route you go, timely planning is key to a successful outcome

We also discussed the 9th through 12th grade timeline for students, and what is important in the domains of academics, extracurriculars, test prep and college planning along the way. F&B is committed to supporting your student at each and every step - and having a little bit of fun along the way.

Watch It Here

Flip Through the Presentation Here


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