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FREE ACT/SAT and Open House

Updated: May 12, 2022

Come for the bagel, stay for the test! RSVP here.

Freudigman & Billings is a unique educational center in Westport, CT that provides a variety of educational services ranging from academic tutoring to educational therapy. We are proud of the collegiality that our building and our philosophy inspires, as well as the team of educators we have attracted as a result, so we’re opening our doors to answer the many questions in the community around standardized testing and college admissions!

We’re inviting sophomores (and any freshmen who want to plan ahead) to come take their baseline ACT or SAT with us on Saturday morning. While they’re taking the test, parents will have the opportunity to learn more about standardized testing from the basic how to’s to how F&B can help your student navigate this process. You’ll get a chance to meet some of our leadership team: Hanna Vanderloop, Director of Standardized Test Prep; Alex Wellman, Assistant Director of College Advising; Trey Billings, one of F&B’s Co-Founders; and Rachel Thorpe, Practice Test Coordinator.

Topics we will be addressing are:

  • Registering for the ACT and SAT

  • Applying for accommodations for standardized testing

  • Preparing for testing - and how F&B can help!

  • Navigating college admissions in this test-optional landscape

  • The other instructional and advising services we offer to help students and their parents successfully navigate high school

Results from the diagnostic testing will be emailed out the Monday following the test, and parents will have the opportunity to set up a phone call to discuss their child’s results further.

Light refreshments provided. Please RSVP if you and your student will be attending. We will be collecting some basic information so we can set your student’s test up correctly!

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