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Educational Therapy Solutions and Psychological Assessments

From the Webinar series: Finding Your Voice as a Parent: Setting the Stage to Meet the Challenges of the School Year - empowering special needs parents.

Taking Ownership of Your Student’s Learning Challenges: Exploring Solutions with Psychological Assessments and Educational Therapy

with Special Guests:

  • Dr. Emily Cashman, Psychologist, PsyD Westport, CT

  • Laura Noonan, Director of Educational Therapy at Freudigman & Billings

And Co-Hosts:

  • Attorney Lawrence Berliner, Special Education Law and Advocacy

  • Jane Faherty, Director of Jumpstart, Stamford JCC and Special Ed Advocate

In helping to navigate the struggles of students with learning challenges and

their parents, we will discuss pathways of support:

  • How psychological assessments inform learning profiles

  • Educational Therapy: a data-driven intervention

  • Building team-based approaches for community supports

  • Developing Students’ ownership and self-determination


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