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Assistant Director of Educational Therapy

The ideal candidate possesses an inherent curiosity about the process of developing individualized educational plans while remaining flexible.

Our fundamental belief at Freudigman & Billings is that children learn best in the context of supportive relationships. We are committed to helping students better understand how they learn and how they can take ownership of that learning. Our team provides educational solutions for adolescents and children through individual assessment, personally tailored learning programs, and one-on-one coaching.

We utilize the student’s own daily schoolwork to remediate academic concerns related to psychological/motivational barriers, ADHD, executive functioning concerns, reading and language disabilities, math-related deficits, and auditory and visual processing weaknesses. Because every student has different concerns, sessions may range from skill-based remediation to social and behavioral supports. We form supportive relationships and communicate – not just with the student but also with all the people in the community involved in their educational development.

The ideal candidate possesses an inherent curiosity about the process of developing individualized educational plans while remaining flexible. An Educational Therapist is coachable and open to criticism, acknowledging that Educational Therapy is a practice, not a job. The ability to coach and mentor to improve a student’s self-esteem and emotional health is as important as strength with content provision. That said, applicants must be confident navigating math and science curriculum at the high school level. Impeccable organizational skills, the ability to think critically, and appropriate professional judgment are necessary qualities to excel in this position.

Educational therapists can have a background in teaching, counseling, or some combination of work in both educational and clinical settings. Individuals must be able to work with children and adolescents in an academic capacity (comfort with high school level content a must) as well as a therapeutic capacity.

Please send a resume and cover letter to for consideration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate logistics related to the Educational Therapy process, such as speaking to potential clients about our program, assisting with client onboarding, and maintaining communication with families regarding student plans and progress

  • Cultivate a trusting, honest, and respectful environment that promotes educational and emotional success

  • Work alongside colleagues and attend client-specific case review meetings in order to generate and execute specific plans for each student, such as designing interventions and tracking goals

  • Collaborate with colleagues, such as a student’s Content Instructor or Test Prep Instructor, to ensure coordinated service wrap-around case management, assist with educational accommodations, and facilitate the onboarding of Ed Therapy clients into other services

  • Assist the Director with the development of Educational Therapy curriculum and other special projects, such as developing a sequence of topics to present at case reviews and staff meetings, organizing training opportunities for staff, networking with local practitioners, developing marketing materials, and curating reading and resources

  • Develop and/or purchase assessments, technology, and curricular for skill set remediation

  • Research summer, post-graduate, and transitional programs

  • Attend Educational Therapy related conferences and networking events

  • Convey plans for student/tutor pairings and appointments to scheduling staff

  • Maintain confidentiality and security of client information

  • Work with students 10-15 hours per week

  • Report to the Director of Educational Therapy, who reports to the Director of Educational Services

Direct Service with Students:

  • Provide Educational Therapy

  • Evaluate and interpret prior psycho-educational testing

  • Make recommendations for further testing, accommodations, or treatment

  • Coordinate with family and all clinicians treating the student

  • Develop and implement specialized programs and intervention strategies targeted to the child's needs

  • When appropriate, evaluate students to determine their educational and psychological profiles, remediating students with profile-specific interventions to improve their functioning both inside and outside of the classroom

  • Teach SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, ISEE, SSAT, and other standardized tests


  • Several years of experience teaching, tutoring, or working with students in an academic setting

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Attention to detail, strong observation skills, and precise reporting abilities

  • Ability to adapt and identify teachable moments

  • Self-motivated and driven to help students succeed

  • Capable of instructing high school level subjects including Algebra I & II, Geometry, Chemistry, and Biology in order to teach study skills

  • Aptitude for building relationships with students and colleagues

  • Ability to thrive and be confident in a fast-paced environment

  • Charisma and confidence to engage with youth culture in order to connect with students as a mentor and not just an educator

  • Ability to pass a background check

  • Reliable transportation


  • Must be enrolled in or have obtained a Master’s degree in Special Education, Psychology, or Counseling, or a certificate in Educational Therapy


  • Health, Vision, and Dental insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid sick time and paid time off


  • Sundays 11am to 7:30pm (exact start and end times negotiable)

  • Monday through Thursday 11:30pm to 8pm

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be able to work at headquarters in Westport, CT

  • Must have unrestricted work authorization to work in the United States


  • Based on experience

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