Who We Are:

Freudigman & Billings, LLC was founded in 2004 by Dr. Kimberly Freudigman and Trey Billings. Kim received her Ph.D. in psychology. Trey is a graduate of Cornell University and former manager of the Cognition and Development Lab at Yale University. After meeting at Yale and following several years of successful private tutoring, Kim and Trey formalized their student-centered process and collaborated to create Freudigman & Billings.


Over the last decade, Freudigman & Billings has attracted the kinds of tutors who are committed to building a community. Outside the office, we have full-staff camp retreats, we go on group outings to movies, and we take Halloween very seriously. Inside the office, we have grown to include a staff of over 20 tutors with bright minds who are invested in our students. Our growing numbers mean increased staff development centered on building expertise and cultivating the skill sets necessary to be not only effective teachers, but outstanding ones.


We are proud to say we know how to tutor tutors, too! Our former tutors have gone off to other ventures based on their experiences at F&B, including Causeway Collaborative, 36 Education, Tutor Trove, and Desmos.