Summer Test Prep:

Test Prep Philosophy:

We use a unique approach to test prep that focuses on critical thinking, applied reasoning, and problem solving strategies. We do not teach to the test – we teach through the test to help students develop an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and build skills that will serve them not just for the standardized tests, but throughout their academic careers and beyond. Our system combines our expertise about these cognitive skills with our knowledge of the construction of each test to develop strategies that will best serve a wide range of students. We tailor each student’s plan to their individual goals and abilities, from high achievers striving to unlock the top level of problem solving to those struggling with visual or language processing, focus and attention, or test anxiety.

Your Test Prep Team

F&B has a great team of experienced and dedicated test prep professionals. The tutor match is important to us - we believe that students learn best in the context of supportive relationships

Individual Instruction:

All test prep at F&B is done one-on-one.

Test Prep Weeks

Many students kick off their test prep with our Summer Test Prep Weeks. The student meets with two tutors for an hour each day for four days and then takes a follow up practice test on Friday.


Cost for the program is $2250

Weekly Sessions

After the test prep week, most of our students continue to meet with their tutor(s) once a week for an hour. Sometimes students elect or we advise to start the process with weekly sessions. F&B provides all materials necessary for the test prep process.


Cost ranges $225-$315 per hour

Planning for Summer Test Prep


Planning for summer prep begins before the summer with an ACT practice test. We review the results and the student’s whole academic and testing profile to make recommendations for summer prep.


If you haven’t yet set up a practice test for your student, please email testprep [at] freudigman [dot] com.