Private School Consulting:

Finding the right school for your child is an important decision for the entire family. At Freudigman & Billings, the student’s best interest is the focus of our work. Our goal is to find a school that best meets your child's academic, athletic, social, and emotional needs and to prepare your child for the application process. We help students and parents gain clarity as well as stay organized and punctual throughout the admissions process.  At all times, we offer an objective perspective of the child’s strengths and weaknesses as a candidate and as a student.

School Consultation:

School consultations consist of initial intakes, financial aid advising, review of academic transcripts and extracurricular interests, a comprehensive school list, and meetings to strategize waitlist and final choice decisions.

Test Prep (SSAT, ISEE, and Catholic High School Exams):

F&B was founded on our unique cognitive skills-based approach to standardized test, and we apply this deep expertise to the private school tests as well. We offer brief introductions to the test for students on a tight timeline, as well as more individualized preparation for students with more time, which enable us to build skills and target specific content areas. Services include baseline practice tests, test preparation with one of our highly qualified tutors, and additional practice tests to measure progress through the process. At the initial consultation, we can offer insight into the differences between the tests, as well as advice on which test is appropriate for your child's circumstances.


Essay Coaching:

We can assist with refining and editing essays in order to highlight your child’s strengths and passions.

Interview Prep

Admissions officers are observing your family dynamics from the moment you step onto the campus. We can help provide concrete do’s and don’ts for how to interact with admissions officers, as well as assisting with specific interview skills and conducting mock interviews.

Application Support

We can assist families with all of the nuts and bolts of the application process, such as applying for accommodations for testing (including extra time) and assisting with the completion of the application.