Our fundamental belief at Freudigman & Billings is that children learn best in the context of supportive relationships. We are committed to helping students better understand how they learn, and how they can take ownership of that learning.

"Ultimately, our students find successful ways to think about themselves, the world they live in, and the people with whom they share that world."

Together with Kim Freudigman and Trey Billings, our team provides educational solutions for adolescents and children through individual assessment, personally tailored learning programs, and one-on-one coaching. We provide more than just study strategies and expertise in the subject matter. Each child is paired with a tutor based on his or her learning style, personality, and educational needs. Students typically work weekly with their tutors to allow for continuity and to build the relationships that are key for our tutoring services. This approach engages students, fosters self-confidence and advocacy, and promotes skills that result in academic and personal success.


Our center is more “campus” than “office.” Students are encouraged to come when they like, hang out with friends, play board games, do homework, have a snack, get some advice, or even catch a quick nap during finals time. Our students have access to our very talented staff on a daily basis, and our staff often collaborates to assist individual students. We are proud of the collegiality that our building and our philosophy inspires, as well as the team of educators we have attracted as a result.


At any point, a student may be engaged simultaneously with multiple services, and what we do together changes over time based on individual needs and where each student is on his or her academic trajectory. We frequently review progress and adjust our methods as needed based on the individual.