GRE/GMAT Instructor

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Our fundamental belief at Freudigman & Billings is that students learn best in the context of supportive relationships. We are committed to helping our students better understand how they learn and how they can take ownership of that learning. Our team provides educational solutions for students of all ages through individual assessment, personally tailored learning programs, and one-on-one instruction.


Freudigman & Billings uses a unique approach to standardized test preparation that focuses on critical thinking, applied reasoning, and problem solving strategies. We help students understand fundamental principles about how the world of information is organized and how they can interact with that information. This process does not involve the rote memorization of vocabulary or inundation of practice questions that many associate with “test prep.” Instead, we focus on teaching students effective strategies for gathering, sequencing, categorizing, and classifying information from text and visual sources. These processes contribute to a student’s ability to reason, solve problems, make inferences, and draw conclusions.


Our GMAT and GRE Instructional Coaches are individuals who have studied for and/or taken the GRE and GMAT exams and are interested in teaching others. Our instructors are expected to teach both the Verbal and Quantitative sections of these exams. 


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Collaborate with the Director of Test Prep in order to generate and execute specific plans for each student that encompass the entire test prep cycle, from recommendations for test prep materials to number and frequency of practice tests; how best to and how much to study on a regular basis; whether to keep or cancel scores, whether and when to retest

  • Ability to interpret baseline test results, assess the student’s abilities, and create an individualized plan that addresses student strengths and weaknesses

  • Effectively instruct students in the areas of skill building, content review, and strategy use

  • Ability to identify teachable moments through observation and flexibly pivot to help students improve their information processing, sequencing, problem-solving and decision making

  • Demonstrate high emotional intelligence and empathy in order to coach students on the mental and behavioral aspects of test-taking performance, including growth mindset, visualization, anxiety management, time management, attention to detail, test-taking stamina, and more

  • Convey feedback from sessions to the Director of Test Prep

  • Assist the Director with the development of Test Prep curriculum and other special projects

  • Maintain confidentiality and security of client information




  • Score of 700 or higher on GMAT, 165 or higher on GRE Verbal and/or above 167 Quant

  • Belief in the cognitive and behavioral aspects of test taking

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Attention to detail and precise reporting abilities

  • Self-motivated and driven to help students succeed

  • Aptitude for building relationships with students and colleagues

  • Ability to thrive and be confident in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to pass a background check

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