Essay Coaching:

We help applicants with  brainstorming, idea generation, word choice, review, editing, and proofreading for applications and essays. We begin with a brainstorming process designed to promote self-reflection. After working with the student on idea generation, we help design the essay from the ground up based on an inventory of the student’s interests, strengths, and activities both in school and out of school. We draw on experiences in search of potential topics that can represent the student both authentically and advantageously during the admissions process.


Many middle school students struggle with providing sufficient detail to back up their ideas, so we work with students to develop narratives or concrete examples that illustrate the student’s experience in a memorable fashion. If time permits, we also try to help develop writing skills, focusing on sentence construction and grammar.

Finally, we are involved in the final editing and proofreading stage. After the essay is drafted, we work with the student to evaluate the structure, tone, and content of the essay. Once the essay has been edited, we proofread to check for any grammar and spelling errors. Some families may choose to seek our help for only the editing and proofreading stage.