Course Boosters:

Some courses take a little more preparation than others. We offer summer content boosters so your student can tackle the challenges right when school starts. Our inhouse gurus will introduce students to the major concepts that form the foundations of high school sciences, math, history and social sciences. A boost at the beginning goes a long way toward staying ahead throughout the year!

Additionally, with the the challenges students faced with distance learning this spring, we’re thinking ahead to what students will need to succeed - both this year and beyond.


One of the biggest problems we’ve noticed in schools is the disruption to math curriculum. Math classes consistently stack concepts from year to year, and missing any unit will have a direct impact on a student’s ability to take on more complex work in the future (whether it’s a freshman headed into Geometry or a junior headed into AP Calculus).

Our entire subject tutoring team has been monitoring the changes and has lesson plans prepared to meet each student, wherever they are in the curriculum, and bring them up to speed. For the remainder of the year, we will work to ensure that students gain the skill sets necessary to succeed in not just this math class, but also the next.

Our Summer Booster Line Up


• Algebra 1

• Geometry

• Algebra 2

• Pre-calculus

• Calculus (all levels)

• Statistics



• Biology

• AP Biology

• Chemistry

• AP Chemistry

• Physics

• AP Physics

AP Environmental Science



• US History

• AP US History

• American Government

• AP US Government

• AP World History

• AP European History



• Myth and Bible

• AP Language

• AP Literature Others

• AP Computer Science

• AP Macro and Micro Economics


Five two-hour individual sessions; by appointment only, at the convenience of the student’s summer schedule; $1,500

Summer Astronomy Seminar:

    Galaxies and the Universe

Interested in astronomy and don’t want to wait until college? This seminar provides an overview of some of the most popular subjects in astronomy and astrophysics! Topics include an introduction to stars and stellar evolution, the structure and evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies; quasars, active galactic nuclei, and supermassive black holes; cosmology and the expanding universe


No prerequisites other than a working knowledge of elementary algebra.


The following textbook will be provided: Universe 9th edition, Freedman & Geller & Kaufmann. Readings and homework will be assigned weekly.


Scheduling TBD based on demand.

Sample lectures:

• Newton’s Laws, Gravity, Atoms, and Light

• Star Types: Formation & Evolution, Supernovae and Steller Remnants

• Measuring Distance in the Universe

• Discovery of the Milky Way Galaxy, Galaxy Types, Formation & Evolution

• Einstein’s Relativity, Supermassive Black Holes, and Active Galactic Nuclei

• Large-Scale Structure of the Universe, Cosmology & the Big Bang

• Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Curvature of Space-Time

• Research Methods, Ground-based and Satellite Telescopes

• The Search for Exoplanets