Application Support:

We help families navigate their way through the many educational opportunities out there. The process can be rewarding and fun but also challenging, stressful, and overwhelming. That’s why F&B  offers many different services to assist families with the application process.

We can help families gain clarity in the confusing admissions process. This can be a relief to parents, especially when they are about to make a considerable financial investment in their child’s education. We can help students and parents stay organized and punctual throughout the admissions process by developing a timeline that outlines testing and application cycles (when to test, when to apply, when to visit, etc.) as well as providing assistance in locating, completing, and proofreading the applications. We can offer a list of school open house dates and help create a schedule of visits. Parents can receive coaching on the appropriate ways to communicate with admissions officers such as how to talk about your child (and how NOT to talk about your child) and when and how to disclose a learning difference. We also help with the applications for accommodations for testing. Our office can also assist with how families register for the tests, which dates to take the tests, where to take them, and whether to send some scores or all scores. We can give advice about teacher recommendations and how to address situations when a school district prohibits teachers from sharing recommendations.