Academic Skill Building:

These recent, unprecedented events in our school systems have been incredibly challenging. In addition to providing traditional tutoring, F&B has a strong team of trained Educational Therapists who can help those students who may need more than traditional tutoring to stay on track. F&B has a long history of being able to quickly create responsive, individualized pedagogy that provides both organizational support and skills coaching. We also design interventions to remediate academic concerns related to psychological/motivational barriers, ADHD, executive functioning concerns, reading and language disabilities, math-related deficits, and auditory and visual processing weaknesses.

For information on how we can help your child, please call us at 203-226-8166 or email

welcome [at] freudigman [dot] com.

Programs for Rising Freshman:

Study Skills:

The transition from middle school to high school can be a difficult one for many kids. Students are often caught off-guard by the level and amount of work they are expected to do. Your child’s study skills are the number one predictor of their future academic success. During our one-week session we will cover the critical study skills necessary for achieving high grades and ensuring academic success. Students will learn organizational strategies for managing their workload, study strategies for different types of testing situations, critical writing skills for papers, note taking strategies and interpersonal skills for managing relationships with teachers. Students will receive oneon-one coaching to develop an individualized study plan based on that student’s learning style, goals, and needs.

One-week program, 2 hours daily; $1,750


We have noticed (as you may have) that kids in Fairfield County seem to be reading less and less and usually only under duress. We feel strongly that reading builds writing and analytical skills that are not only critical for academic success, but also personal growth. We have compiled a list of books that are typically read in 9th and 10th grade at the local high schools. Our resident book nerds will work with your child to improve reading comprehension skills using school relevant literature. Sessions will focus on developing an understanding of plot, character and theme, in relation to the author’s purpose and language usage.


Ten one-hour sessions; $1,750

Academic Enrichment

The Write Stuff: Writing Skills for all Students

Even in a world dominated by the bits and bytes of technology, writing is a primary way for humans to communicate with one another, and it is among the most important skills students will take with them as they move from school to work. The Write Stuff program teaches students that writing is a process. Once you master the process, you can apply it over and over again, whenever and to whatever you write, whether you’re writing bumper stickers or biographies, a résumé or a research paper. Students will choose a book (or magazine article or topic), and together we will explore the five essential steps of good writing: pre-writing, organizing, writing the rough draft, revising the draft, and editing. (A more detailed curriculum is available upon request).


Five two-hour sessions; arranged at the convenience of the student’s summer schedule; $2,000

Reading Remediation and Enrichment Programs:

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to build your child’s reading skills for the upcoming school year. Our reading specialists will work one-on-one with your child on his/her language skills. Our programs develop literacy and language skills by working on phonemic awareness, vocabulary through sight words, and handwriting. Parents with children with special needs should contact the office to arrange for specialized services.


All Ages – Pre-K through High School Ten one-hour sessions over two to four weeks; $2,000