Academic Coach and Mentor

Your Vibe:

We are looking for smart, personable, committed individuals who enjoy working with High School students and exhibit the potential to grow in the arena of academic coaching.

The right person will: a) possess an excellent academic record (and we mean excellent; an Ivy League or comparable level degree is a must); b) epitomize the word “flexible”; c) thrive under pressure, meet deadlines with aplomb, and exhibit the patience of a saint; d) think creatively about everything; and, most importantly, e) have a YOUTHFUL attitude.


You will be working exclusively with teenagers. Yes, teenagers - those self-involved, irrational, capricious, and willful creatures. They can be fussy and critical, and sometimes they smell bad. But we love 'em. And so must you. A dynamic personality is absolutely required, but you must also be ready, willing, and able to set limits -- adolescents can get carried away. We want someone who can speak to teenagers on their own terms, so the right person must be well versed in current music, movies, fashion, and culture. If you don't know what a meme is, if you don't have a finsta or know someone who does, if you wear seasonal sweaters that jingle or sing, if you have never laughed at someone doing something incredibly stupid and/or dangerous on YouTube, if you disapprove of tattoos or nose rings or underage. . . well, everything, then this is not the job for you. In the end, forming supportive relationships is the foundation on which we build.

Your Team:


You have a boss; a very determined and passionate boss who will break down walls (and your ego) to save the children and who will hold you and your colleagues to the highest standards. You’ll collaborate with your colleagues to work through students’ challenges and celebrate their breakthroughs. The ability to coach and mentor students to improve their self esteem and emotional health is at least as important as knowing and being able to tutor high school content. We are committed to helping students better understand how they learn and how they can take ownership of that learning. Our model is informed by educational research so it’s grounded in science, but we don’t expect you to know all of that, yet. We are looking to hire people who want to help students acquire the skill sets, self-knowledge, and resiliency they need to overcome future challenges and who desire to become better versed in learning theory, neuroscience, and educational systems and policies. It’s fun. It’s engaging. And, at the end of the day, you are doing work for the common good.

Your Brain:

There are some qualifications, of course. You need to be able to teach Algebra, not just know it. You need to be able to teach writing, not just be able to write. You need to be able to explain science, and not just say that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. And you must do all of this while building rapport. To do this, you can talk about football while teaching the American Revolution. You can explain to a student the wonders of Newton’s third law, and then explain why Drake is not on your top five best rappers list. For the purposes of your job, students must like you.


Your Commitment:


The hours? Also adolescent: you'll get started at 12:30pm and work until 9pm, non-negotiable. If you just thought, "Crap, I'll miss Happy Hour, but, on the other hand, Chinese take-out for dinner, dude!" send us a paragraph or two telling us who you are. The pay is solid and the job is in Westport, CT. We offer benefits, a caterer, and other intellectuals to bounce ideas off of for your own use.

All applicants should e-mail their cover letter and resume to